Monthly Archives: June 2015

Rushing waters

  I shot this fast flowing mountain stream in the Smokies with a neutral density filter to slow the motion of the water and convey some sense of its power in slow motion waves.



Seasons in a branch.

  I was struck by the color of these maple leaves in the foreground spiraling up from green to red in an inverted seasonal display. With summer days away the red leaves newly emerging already hint at autumn. The tall peak in the distance is Mt. Mitchell, the highest summit in the US east of […]

Spring Reflections

  Spring reflections. This was shot with a neutral density filter to allow me to use the bright but warm light of late afternoon to gather all the reflections in this stream. With a 13 second exposure at f/20 I maximized depth of field to create a symmetry of green mossy boulders in the foreground […]



Gently down the stream

Somehow this very slow motion view of a stream reminds me of the old children’s song. In this alternate reality captured in 15 seconds with the assistance of a neutral density filter, life is but a dream. In the foreground the water seems slowed to gentle waves on an ocean while in the background the […]

Slow motion campfire

After a couple s’mores my interest in the fire in the Smoky Mountains turned to photography. I played with different angles and speeds and thought this one at 1/5 second shot from a tripod was the most interesting. The sharpness of the oak logs and a single leaf suspended in the fire contrasts with the […]



Very friendly salamander

This black-bellied salamander was remarkably tame as it perched on a rock in a cool mountain stream in the Smoky Mountains. This one seems to have a few large scars on its face. The individuals fight over prime real estate, with each having a territory of around 190 square inches. No wonder they are always […]