Miniature Waterfall.

Though California is currently grabbing the weather headlines with El Nino, I am finding North Carolina is having a less publicized but very wet winter as well. Far from being discouraged, I am inspired by the new views this watery world provides. Generally my camera stays dry, but I end up as a very wet human umbrella!
I walked to a stream above my house, transformed by incessant rain from its usual trickle to a roaring river. I left the trail and traced its course up through thickets of rhododendrons. In a small clearing I found this tiniest of cascades, barely taller than me.
Though lacking the majesty of the larger waterfalls tumbling down the nearby mountains, I paused to soak up its gorgeous grace, both literally and metaphorically. It will dry out and vanish with a few sunny days. Perhaps I am alone in discovering its lonely beauty. In backyards and parks everywhere we can be explorers of our own diminutive worlds.