Yearly Archives: 2020

Mayapple Flowers- The first sign of mayapples are the leaves that rise up like closed umbrellas, and as they open it appears the umbrellas are slowly opening. Also known as umbrella leaf, their large leaves catch the rain, often holding drops on them hours after a storm has passed. April showers bring mayapple flowers. They […]



Share Beauty

In early spring, bloodroot begin pushing up through the half-frozen soil. They are named for the red sap found throughout the plant, most obvious in the rhizomes and leaves. At first, the leaves are closed tight, wrapped around the flower stalks. As the days warm, the leaves begin to open up, and so do the […]

Dancing Flowers

As the pandemic spreads and intensifies, we are now all encouraged to stay at home, and I am taking this time to really observe the subtle nuances of each day in my woods. With recent record warmth, along with frequent rain showers, spring has been arriving especially quickly this year. New flowers are literally popping […]



Mexican Monarchs

When I was a kid, my aunt told me about a magical occurrence. For one night, monarch butterflies slept in the pine trees in her yard, crowded together on the branches and trunks. She lived there in upstate New York for 50 years and never saw them mass together again. It made me long to […]