Eyes of the Forest

The Atlanta Botanical Garden currently has an exhibit inspiring visitors to see nature in new ways. The Curious Garden is a series of installations created by Adam Schwerner, director of horticulture for Disneyland Resorts. His work combines art and horticulture, drawing attention to nature in the garden.
On display to the end of October, the artwork includes brilliant trees covered with spray paint, chains hanging like aerial roots of tropical vines, a red river of gourds running through the forest, and these odd discs floating high in the canopy. Each is several feet wide, and Schwerner sees them as dilating pupils, literally drawing the eye up to look at the tall trees.
Walking through the garden, I was enchanted by the quirky whimsy. The art made me take a second look, and appreciate the garden in new ways. Too often art and nature are seen as distinct, so I really enjoyed this hybridization, enhancing the best of both. And it’s hard to beat a garden that with these huge red eyes seemed to look back at me.