Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Many Faces of Sinking Creek

A creek runs by my house. It is a trout stream, and draws a variety of herons, frogs, and other wildlife. This is wonderful for nature photography, attracting so many animals to my yard. But quite often, the creek itself is my subject. I admit it may sound a bit odd, but the creek has […]



Canon PowerShot N – A Camera With A Mind Of Its Own

I like to play with cameras. Many photographers choose one camera, which has the benefit of really learning all the ins and outs of its possibilities. I have a few cameras that I use for the bulk of my work, falling back to my familiarity with them to capture tricky photo shoots. But new cameras give […]

Bushmeat and the Ebola connection

Thirty years ago, I went on an expedition to climb Mt. Bintumani, the highest mountain in Sierra Leone. It took the better part of a week, and as I drove and then hiked further from cities I seemed to be moving back in time. When I finally arrived at the last small village before the […]