Greenhouse Jungle

In addition to the magnificent grounds and gardens of Biltmore in Asheville, there is always something to see in the amazing conservatory. Built over a century ago, it has 7000 square feet of plants. Currently there is an extensive display of orchids, with hundreds blooming in lush variety. These are rotated in and out as […]



Quiet Roar

I live around 40 minutes from Tennessee’s newest state park. Rocky Fork is just over 2000 acres, surrounded by an additional 7600 acres of national forest. When the land became available, buying and protecting it was the number one purchase priority in in the nation by the US Forest Service. It was described as the […]

Time Travels

I live in east Tennessee and my mom lives in Asheville in neighboring North Carolina. Driving directly it isn’t much over an hour, but it usually takes me way longer. I pull over for what I intend to be a short photo stop at a scenic overlook and hours later sunset has turned into night. […]



The Persistence of Beauty

My dad was 50 when I was born, and though he could have been my grandfather he never seemed old. My childhood memories are filled with our shared experiences in the woods, and to me he always seemed an enthused and energetic friend. As a college professor he could shape his schedule, working well into […]

The Enigma of the Rocks

On my last day visiting the Zapata Peninsula I went with a wildlife guide to explore a trail known as Sendero Enigma de las Rocas. This part of Cuba has many rocks, forming caves both above and underground, and reaching into the sea. We started the expedition in a horse drawn cart but what began […]



Bee Hummingbird

I recently returned from The Birds in Flight Photography contest in Cuba. After visiting last year to explore the vegetation, I left wanting to see more of this amazing island. Most of my time on this trip was spent on the Zapata Peninsula, the largest protected area in the Caribbean with 2000 square miles of […]

Muir Woods

I visited Muir Woods on a recent trip to California. I enjoyed rare sunshine after weeks of rain and wind had closed it three times in two weeks, including the day before my visit. Fallen trees had closed a popular trail, but there were still many to explore. I was captivated by the amazing atmosphere […]



Tree of the Year

The votes have been tallied and the people’s choice winner for France’s tree of the year is an ancient zamana tree in Martinique. This island is an overseas department of France, and though I am sure there are many fabulous and fashionable Parisian trees, they would have a hard time competing with this tropical giant. […]

Nocturnal Garden

I enjoyed seeing the permanent Chihuly exhibit in Seattle this spring, and planned to visit a temporary exhibit that opened this April in Atlanta as part of its 40th anniversary celebration. But of course I kept finding other things to do, and only finally managed to drive down for the last day of the Chihuly […]



Flower Sculpture

When other flowers have faded, chrysanthemums in my garden bloom profusely in the fiery shades of autumn leaves, as they have been doing in cultivation since at least the 15th century BC. Like many gardeners I tend to take this beauty for granted. That changed when I visited the New York Botanical Garden during its […]