Monthly Archives: February 2016

Three Seasons

  When I studied monkeys and tropical rainforests, I missed the four seasons. True, for a naturalist, there is little to compare with the riot of jungle life. But having grown up with the rhythm of change, it was strange adjusting to places that had only two seasons – dry and rainy. Living now in […]



Winter’s War

February is winter’s battleground, a month reluctantly moving toward spring. As the days grow longer, the sun gets stronger, but at night temperatures plunge and the forest returns to winter. For weeks now, snow falls, and melts, and falls again. Just last week on an unusually warm day I heard peepers and wood frogs calling […]

Seagull Sunset.

I hadn’t been to the ocean in many years. So on a short trip to Los Angeles I determined to visit the coast. After a day in downtown, I escaped to the beach in Santa Monica, arriving just as the sun started to set. As I walked toward the beach, I noticed a gathering of […]