Monthly Archives: January 2016

Snow Magic.

  Snow was always magical to me when I was a kid. When it snowed at night, my sister, brother and I would go downstairs in our house, close the curtain behind us, and turn on a dim outdoor patio light. The glint from the bulb illuminated the snowflakes falling to the earth and as […]



Web of Branches.

Now is the heart of winter. Here in North Carolina, January is the coldest month. The land and especially water, which covers nearly three quarters of the earth’s surface, are slow to heat and cool. The seasonal lag means the coldest weather at least in the northern hemisphere is often around a month after the […]

Winter harvest.

In forests and gardens, winter here is a time of drab palettes and stillness. The whispering leaves have long fallen, forming a tawny carpet on the ground. The insect chorus has been silenced by the cold, and lingering birds must rely mostly on fruit to get through the winter. In my yard only the occasional […]



Miniature Waterfall.

Though California is currently grabbing the weather headlines with El Nino, I am finding North Carolina is having a less publicized but very wet winter as well. Far from being discouraged, I am inspired by the new views this watery world provides. Generally my camera stays dry, but I end up as a very wet […]

New Beginnings.

As a new year starts, thoughts turn to the promise of fresh beginnings. The ancient Black Mountains here in North Carolina are usually cloaked in the thick foliage of hardwood trees. Now that the leaves have fallen, the contours of the land can be seen. What was hidden most of the year is now revealed. […]