Monthly Archives: November 2015

Fall Reflections

Rain would seem to be a photographer’s enemy, but gray sky actually is nature’s gift of an enormous diffuser. The light is softened, and without the extreme exposure differences of highlights and shadows, subtle tones are revealed. The moisture even brings out more vibrant colors. I knew all this but of course was not totally […]



Shadow Tracks

An unusual feature of the South Carolina Botanical Gardens is a caboose garden, which was donated in 1973 by the Clemson University class of 1939. The caboose came from Southern Railway, painted in a bright red color. There is memorabilia inside the car from the class, and the railway. I shot this photo looking at […]

Tree House

Until moving to the mountains of northeast Tennessee, I have never lived anyplace where nature is so closely tied to the calendar. I enjoy the symmetry, each season ebbing and flowing as if the earth has its own hidden tides. Leaf forecasts suggested this would be a better than average year for fall color, and […]



Fog Clouds

The South Carolina Botanical Garden, located just south of Clemson University’s campus, is nearly 300 acres. There are 5 miles of trails meandering through everything from formal gardens to wild forests and streams. Deep in the garden it is easy to believe you are in a wilderness. I arrived just after dawn, as the sun […]

Wild and Woolly Winter

In 1948 Dr. Curran, then curator of insects at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History, began a tradition of traveling north along the Hudson River to Bear Mountain State Park to observe the fall foliage, which I know from experience is very nice there. With friends and family he formed The Original Society […]



Enemies of Leaves

The highway between Tennessee and North Carolina winds between several mountain passes, including Sam’s Gap at the border between the two, named for James Sams and his family who had a wagon malfunction and settled in this area back in 1832. Of course the road then was quite a bit different. This modern stretch of […]

Miniature Maple

A tree with a very appropriate name, the red maple is red all year long. Depending on the season, they have their red displayed in buds, twigs, flowers and seeds. But they are best known for their dramatic scarlet fall colors. It is the most common tree species in America, ranging from Canada to southern […]