Monthly Archives: August 2015

Ebony jewelwing

At first glance these damselflies look somewhat like butterflies when they fly, with their fluttering wings. A closer glance shows the exquisite details that make them living jewels. The males have iridescent green bodies that turn blue in certain light. The females like the one shown have slightly more subdued colors, but the addition of […]



Flowers make me glad

The peacock orchid is native to the mountains of East Africa where it grows on cliffs and rock outcrops. It isn’t actually an orchid, or a peacock. It is a gladiolus, a kind of iris. In summer the pendulous white blooms with purple throats hang from the sword shaped spikes of foliage. Though impossible to […]

Night Magic

The Polyphemus moth is a giant silk moth, named appropriately since the wingspan averages 6 inches and can be even greater. Though hard to miss when they fly to doors and windows at night attracted by light, their lives are very ephemeral. Their lifecycle is around 3 months. In the less than two months they […]



Night Magic.

This giant silk moth, Polyphemus, is named for the mythical Cyclops because of their startlingly large eyespots. This confuses predators into thinking they are a larger creature like an owl and avoid them. As they grow to maturity, they eat 86,000 times their weight, which goes a long way to explaining their large wingspan of […]

Lake Clouds

As I stood on the shore taking photos of this mountain lake the surface was suddenly ruffled by a big but brief breeze. For just a minute, there were wild patterns of clouds reflected in the water, and then it grew still again. I took a few photos of the water’s surface before it resumed […]



Winding Road

The Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles of views. Construction began 80 years ago, and was finally finished in 1987. Though it is best known for a variety of spectacular vistas, I also enjoy the subtle beauty of its forests through the seasons. This is the current summer foliage on a stretch of the road […]

Bear Time

This spring there was a large fire of over 700 acres on the mountain above where I live in North Carolina. Because of this, there is less food where they usually live and the bears have been moving down into my neighborhood. On an afternoon walk in the woods I saw 6 bears, including two […]



Bullfrog smile

I photographed this large bullfrog just as it broke the surface in front of me at the edge of a small pond. They are the largest North American frogs, growing up to 8” long, and this frog was close to that maximum size, Water streamed down its face just for an instant, and I caught […]

Raindrops phlox

On a rainy evening these raindrops fell on the pink petals of a phlox flower in my garden. They clung to the blossoms like tiny jewels. In the background is the out of focus sphere of a falling drop. I didn’t mind getting a bit wet to see the magical glint of the evening light […]



Summer reflections

I shot the green leaves of summer reflected in this small forest creek flowing through the mountains of western North Carolina. Because of the variations in the water’s flow, the colors in the small pool in the foreground are darker and more clearly reflected than the faster flowing water beyond. The mirrored realism of the […]