Monthly Archives: August 2015

End of August

With the end of August fast approaching, summer is drawing to a close in the mountains. There will still be hot days, but cool nights and the gradual fading of the insect chorus signals the end of a season. Baked by summer sun, these tawny grasses are slowly turning brown. I took this photo to […]



Cardinal flower

These flowers have recently started to bloom along my creek, where they attract butterflies and especially hummingbirds to their brilliant red blossoms. In Peterson’s classic Field Guide to Wildflowers he said it was “America’s favorite” and it has a foreign audience as well, having been exported from Canada to France back in the mid 1620s, […]

Lonely highway

Driving from North Carolina to Tennessee the highway goes over several high mountain passes. In places the road is so steep there is an illusion of the road traveling straight up to the sky. Though most of my days I am in the forest and get little view beyond the trees, here in the open […]



Vine light

As opposed to divine light, this is a sun worshipping vine reaching toward the rays of the sun. I shot for a backlit look and played with a variety of angles, finally settling for this one which gave a tiny bit of the sun shooting into the picture. I think though some photographers try to […]

Sage advice

Okay so if you are waiting for great suggestions on how to be the best you, I’d suggest asking the person in the mirror. If you want to know more about the amazing plant Salvia, commonly known as sage, here are a few facts. They like sun, and fairly dry soils. They make great garden […]



Snake crossing

The ringneck snake is found in much of the U.S., a fairly small snake generally only a foot long, though some subspecies are slightly less and some grow up to around 18 inches. They seem somewhat more social than many snakes, often resting in pairs or even in groups of more than 100. Though found […]

Happy National Dog Day!

In celebration of National Dog Day, here is a photo taken tonight of my canine best friend, Siggy. He usually feels underappreciated, but at least today is just for him!



Mountain weather

I spend quite a bit of time driving between Tennessee and North Carolina. This drive never gets old for me because it changes through the seasons, and even in a day. When I just drove over there were half a dozen storms on the hour and a half drive, punctuated by brief bursts of sun […]

Oh snap

Most turtles hide in their shell when disturbed but snapping turtle shells are too small so they can’t pull their head in. Since this leaves them vulnerable, they snap and hiss to warn off predators before they actually bite. These same jaws are used to grab unsuspecting prey. The species name serpentina describes their long […]



Sparkling light

Sunset was still more than half an hour away, but because of the steep slope of this mountainside, the sun had effectively set. Then as the color started to fade, for a few moments there was a magic light, a sparkling that seemed to spill from the top of the ridge down through the trees. […]