Monthly Archives: July 2015

Diamondback terrapin

This turtle was at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. It may be the only turtle that lives solely in brackish water as most species also spend time in either oceans or freshwater. Because of their limited habitat they have developed some special ways to get fresh water. During rainstorms they drink the […]



Largest fish

Whale sharks are the world’s largest fish. They are named for both their large size and habit of filter feeding like some whales. I unfortunately had to crop the tail off the lower shark because of Instagram’s squareness, but no sharks were harmed in the making of this photo. Though I have done some underwater […]

Double cuteness

These siblings provide a double dose of adorable. Although I generally try to photograph animals in the wild, I couldn’t resist a trip to the Atlanta zoo to see the only twin panda cubs in America. Mei Lun and Mei Huan were born just over 2 years ago. It is rare for panda twins to […]



Aerial pothole

I am off on vacation, but only a half hour flight away from home. There were a lot of large clouds en route, which led to some dramatic turbulence. The stewardess said it was potholes in the sky and nothing to worry about, which appeased most of the passengers. This shot was taken as the […]

Honeybee bouquet

This honeybee is flying between blooms of an especially profuse flowering trumpet creeper vine. Invasive outside of its range, even here in its native southeast it is an exuberant plant. The vines grow 40 feet or more into trees and whatever else it can grab hold of, including houses. If I tried shooting a time […]



Stream crossing

This area of a small mountain stream has many boulders which help in crossing from one side to the other. In shooting from a tripod at a very slow shutter speed it is possible to see many patterns of water. In places with larger rocks the water forms tiny waterfalls and where the rocks are […]

Tragic beauty

I am featuring a moth in celebration of the final days of National Moth Week. Yes it really is a thing, very exciting for those who enjoy natural history



Stream steps

The layered boulders along this small stream looked like secret stairs. Perhaps they are s grand spiral stairway for salamanders. I didn’t try them since the moss is very slippery but the spray itself is inviting on a hot summer afternoon. This was taken at a very slow shutter speed to freeze the water’s motion.

Palm impostor

The misnamed sago palm is actually a cycad. Cycads date back to the time of dinosaurs and their living relatives trace back to some of the earliest plants so they are sometimes known as living fossils. Unlike palms they grow in a flush of new leaf growth. This is supposed to be annual but my […]



Flower field

These lavender flowers were in a field dotted with a few other summer blooms. I shot this with a shallow depth of field to emphasize a single foreground flower and throw the others into a bokeh of color and vague shapes.