Monthly Archives: June 2015

Sun rays

While hiking in the Black Mountains of North Carolina some massive clouds developed sending sun rays down on the mountains. Several holes developed in the clouds revealing small patches of blue high above. I shot this with only a trace of the peaks to give a sense of scale. This range has the tallest peak […]


Appalachian summer

Driving over the mountains from Tennessee to North Carolina today I stopped a few times to admire the summer clouds and mountains. I waited for a shadow to darken the foreground peak which gave it a slightly surreal look compared to the lush green in the distance.



The rude skipper

Okay so this skipper butterfly stuck its tongue out since it had just finished feeding on a nearby flower. But since it was directed at me I figured maybe it was also bring a bit sassy for the camera


  This over the shoulder shot of a bad-wing moth shows its odd resting posture. It almost looks like someone sitting in meditation. Perhaps it is pondering the forest. This green moth blends in with leaves and is pretty small, only about an inch wide with outstretched wings.



Baboons and elephants in Kenya

This is for Throwback Thursday. Many years ago I studied monkeys in Kenya. These baboons and elephants were feeding on the doum palm fruits. Elephants are the main disperser for their seeds. I camped for a summer in Samburu National Reserve and enjoyed observing lots of wildlife. This is from a digitized slide I shot […]

Ladybug takeoff

  After observing this ladybug exploring a shrub in the forest I positioned myself at the leaf where it was headed to capture its moment of flight. I used an aperture of f/20 to maximize depth of field and a flash to isolate it from the background. This photo was taken as the ladybug spread […]



Praying mantis twister

Praying mantis playing twister on a flower. This young praying mantis, about two inches long, appeared precariously balanced in the garden.

Menacing sky

  Last evening only hours after summer started a sudden thunderstorm popped up and a lone vulture braved the wild winds. There was violent thunder from several directions as these clouds swirled fueled by the day’s heat.



Luscious Lavender

Bumblebees are enjoying sips of lavender nectar. This was a fun photo shoot for me since the bees were very active and the lavender flowers smelled great. I shot this with a relatively shallow depth of field to have sharp focus on the foreground bee and throw the background bee and wash of flowers into […]