Monthly Archives: May 2015

Friendly bee

As I took its picture this bee was wagging its antennae like an enthusiastic puppy. There is a faint motion blur of the antennae though its body is still and sharp. It flew to several nearby flowers before giving up on me for not accepting its invitation to play and flying off to find a […]



Pretty pest

This is a Japanese beetle attacking a zinnia flower. It was shot with a Nanoha lens which shoots at 5:1 which is way more than life size. With depth of field only allowing focus about a hair’s width I focused on the eye and let the body and flower form more impressionist color patterns in […]

Snake in the grass

Unlike the origin of that phrase referring to a poisonous snake this is a totally harmless garter snake exploring my lawn. I like the way the blade of grass right below the snake’s mouth is curled like a green tongue. I couldn’t get much closer since this was taken with a 60mm macro lens.



Coming out of his shell

This box turtle (the red eyes are characteristic of males) is exploring the woods near my home. Recent research places turtles closer to birds and dinosaurs than to lizards and snakes. Maybe that is why his face looks somehow prehistoric to me.

Sonata in bee

I photographed this bee at a shutter speed to freeze its face and the rhododendrons to be sharp but to have a hint of blur on its whirring wings.