Monthly Archives: May 2015

Honeybee takeoff

In a North Carolina garden this honeybee has just launched from the Spirea flowers. I shot at 1/400 to get the flower and part of the bee in focus but to blur the wings.



Blue in a sea of green

The delicate pair of Brunnera flowers floats above the variegated leaves as spring tilts toward summer. Also known as Siberian bugloss this garden plant brings these beautiful ephemeral blue flowers and the interesting mottled leaves which give the plants their name. Bugloss is Greek for ox tongue and with a lot of imagination the leaves […]

Misty morning mirrored mountains

Early on a foggy day the landscape seems inverted and partly obscured by the veil of mist hovering just above the lake at Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport Tennessee.



Flower dancing

Unlike honeybees the bumblebees don’t actually do any formal dances to report food sources to other bees. But this particular bee appeared to be dancing for joy with pollen flying everywhere.


Happy mourning dove family

A pair of mourning doves nested in a redbud in my yard after doing minimal renovations to an old robin nest. These two recently fledged young are staying near the nest to be fed by dad while mom starts her next brood.

Memorial Day flower

This isn’t a flower in my garden as you may have guessed. It was in a local shop in honor of the holiday. Memorial Day was originally celebrated as Decoration Day in 1868 with the tradition of decorating the graves of those who died in war with flowers. These flowers are a tribute to all […]



My dog hypnotizing me

I hear a whiny voice saying- You know you want to give me that ice cream cone…. And a few seconds later I wonder – Why am I giving this vanilla creamy goodness to my dog?