Monthly Archives: April 2015


Grand Central

Grand Central has always been my reference point for a hectic place and pace. Even now years removed from living in New York I will still say somewhere is like Grand Central if it is really busy. With my camera on a mini tripod I was shooting a long exposure shot and this man happened […]



This escalator seems to be going to the sky and struck me as surreal when I was riding up into the clouds.

Sinking Creek

Trees reflecting in Sinking Creek in Tennessee create an impressionist view of the forest and sky




  The rabbit seems to wrongly assume if it is bright green and blending in with the grass



I am posting this shark picture as part of an ongoing project started by @kiwifur to show support for Gary. He is a close family friend with ALS who used to love hiking and fishing. Since he can no longer do those things we are bringing the fish to him. So if you or anyone […]